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Andy Stallings

Here is a picture of Andy from the 1718 event on Tuesday, October 2nd.

Andy Stallings lives in New
Orleans and teaches creative writing at Tulane University. He is a
graduate of the Iowa Writers’ workshop, co-edits THERMOS, and focuses
otherwise on his children, Esme and Curran.

Below is one of Andy’s poems titled “They won’t tattoo you again”

They won’t tattoo you again, they’re finished – you can bury dear addiction, you can rise, you can rise

Sleepless, I’m shot up on gratitude                                                                                                                                                Never so grateful as when I grieve                                                                                                                                           Whoever’s near crying “No…no…”

Salt in the air                broken by you child

I’m trying to construct a handshake: American boy, American contract, tears & spray paint in American palm

What you’ve asked I carry         can’t care can’t / clarify

Love in its living ordinary
American love
candid & beery

in the vacuum where an airport / enters

His deepest fears ordinary                   one-bulb,
skin breaks out in a rash from sleeping, waiting, sleeping, waiting, waiting

Child on the day of your seizure / born to me

May this skin never sack with absence

nearby crying
“No…my baby…no, no”

And feels that [persons] around the world should hate one                                                                                              Should hate one’s children

Uncle, Grandmother, Father, Mother


Not that we “abandon one another”: the abandoning


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