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Meet Carolyn Hembree

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Carolyn Hembree’s poems have appeared in Colorado Review, DIAGRAM, Gulf Coast, jubilat, Verse Daily and Witness, among other journals and anthologies. Kore Press published her debut collection, Skinny, in 2012. She teaches at the University of New Orleans and serves as Poetry Editor of Bayou.

“The Goner”

They’ll read something like it somewhere—

wronged one longed all along for the long gone wrong one

wool over this one’s eyes, steel wool

in that one’s mouth, a half-eaten blood orange

on the floor of some abode, some dust

devil of angel dust, where, half-senseless

in a half-slip, a drama mama fans herself

with an automatic, strung along

by this mind reader, that peter

meter, another string bikini’d string bean

who in a string of bad language unstrung

my mind—a gripe a gulp a growl a glint a goring

from Skinny (Kore Press 2012)


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