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Chloe Matera


Chloe Matera is a junior English/Film & Digital Media major at Loyola. She read original fiction at our first reading on September 1st. Here is an excerpt from the piece she read:

“So even in a place like New York City, a city that never sleeps, I find myself walking into my bedroom from the balcony, crawling into bed and letting the enveloping waves of suspended consciousness wash over me…

And I’m awake. Entirely awake but not just awake.

I am alert.

My dreams transported me out of reality or so I thought. It felt so real. The figure hovering over me. Its cold breath on my neck. The mumbled whispers emanating from its blue-lipped mouth. Instinctively, I reach for the handgun in my bedside table drawer, grasp it between my fingers, gently caress the safety. I check the room with a quick scan of the eyes and ears before I turn on the small lamp near my bed and check the time.

4:03 am.

I venture to the rest of the house, checking my corners, ceilings, everywhere, because something felt off about the figure in my dream.

A kind off-ness that makes me think it was more of a nightmare.

I step into Constantine’s room. Once I know she is sleeping soundly in her bed I feel the tension roll off my body. I return to my own bed and lie awake staring at the ceiling. I decide now that it is necessary to see the doctor Constantine recommended to me. These nightmares were getting a little out of control. I wouldn’t bother if they were a once in a while thing but as of late it seems like I cannot close my eyes without having one. And the realness of them… I still don’t see what good the doctor is going to do but I suppose I have to give it a shot.

Ironically enough he, or she, will probably recommend more sleep.”


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