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Getting Involved!

In the past few weeks we have received quite a number of emails from people asking how to get further involved or how to get involved at all if they have missed a meeting or two. This should hopefully answer those questions. To most effectively utilize the quantity of people who have shown interest this semester in becoming involved in 1718, we are going to separate the members into three committees: Submissions, Publicity, and Events.
  • Submissions committee will help sort through and pick student submissions.
  • Publicity committee will help with all publicity related aspects of 1718: twitter, facebook, blog, flyers, et cetera.
  • Events committee will help plan an organize all 1718 related events.
Below, I am attaching the link for a form for everyone who is interested in 1718 to fill out. This form will help us contact you based on your choice of committee. It is super short and should only take two or three minutes to fill out. So please, fill it out and we will soon be contacting you with committee-specific information.
Anyone on any committee can submit their work to be a student reader. So please, email your work to be considered for student reader.
Thank you so much!

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